Personal statement

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

Henry Ward Beecher

I like to merge traditional methods of painting with more recent contemporary influences and paint recognizable objects abstracted in a way that shows how I feel about them. My subject matter is generally found in the natural world where I find great inspiration in the diversity of colour, texture and form of flowers and plants. Flowers in particular have a long history in symbolism and a charm that I find captivating.

In my surreal paintings I try to express a specific feeling. Staying within the natural world, the objects painted are meant to be read as symbols of something more than the objects themselves. I want you to experience my emotions at the time of painting but also invite you to interpret each painting in your own way.

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I was born in Moscow and after a period of general studies I completed my junior education at a classical ballet school in 1998. After finishing my school education I worked in a theatre for a year or so where I was involved in not only the actual performances but also extensively in costume and set design.

It was after this period of work that I decided to return to further my education and study for higher qualifications and in 2006 I graduated as a Teacher of Visual Arts from the Moscow Regional University. This qualification enabled me to be employed as a teacher in a primary school, however, it had long been my wish to expand my horizons and further my interest in the field of art.

So, upon ending my period of employment as a teacher I obtained a position in the family business, that consisted of a small number of exclusive Moscow based florist shops, and studied concurrently for a qualification in floral design from the Swiss Floral Design School.

Due to my long held love of flowers I considered my floral arrangements to represent small but beautiful pieces of art that sadly had a limited lifespan. This period of my life had a major effect on me as I started to not only create floral arrangements but also to regularly paint floral pictures using a variety of media on both a commission basis and also for my own pleasure. During this time I was able to both enhance current skills and learn new techniques and I found that having a classical ballet background was beneficial as, in many ways, fine art is similar to a ballet performance as both express themes and ideas visually.

I enjoyed this period of experimentation and learning and in 2009 I realized my long term ambition to study at a UK based education establishment and I studied for a degree in Contemporary Fine Art at the Plymouth College of Art. The period studying at PCA enabled me to develop a style and technique that I believe is based on a merging of my classical studies in Moscow with the contemporary approach and processes of PCA.

Currently, I am based in Oxford and continually working on my portfolio with the intention to offer only creative work of the highest standard.




JS Fine Art Prize, presented by Lady Heseltine, in the 2018 Open Selected Exhibition for South Northamptonshire and North Oxfordshire, at The Michael Heseltine Gallery.


Rosebowl, awarded by Kaye McArthur, Art Historian and former exhibitions review writer for Henley Standard newspaper, on behalf of the Reading Guild of Artists at the RGA 81st Annual Exhibition.


Semi-finalist of British Women Artist Annual Competition 2010

Artmill Gallery Isabell Peirson Award, Plymouth College of Art

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