“Drosera” The story of creation

In August 2009 I visited Kew Gardens in London, and I was fascinated by Sundew plants. They lure, capture, and digest insects using stalked mucilaginous glands covering their leaf’s surface. The insects are used to supplement the poor mineral nutrition that sundews are able to obtain from the soil in which they grow.

In reality drosera or sundew has transparent liquid drops, but I changed them to crimson to give a more dramatic look.

After the concept was clear I began looking for a proper photograph, but unfortunately could not find any. So I made my 3D model from pins and cherry jam.

After adding a little bit of Photoshop, a perfect image to paint from was in my hands.

I reused the old canvas with my not very successful “poppy in the mist” painting.  On my opinion it adds some charm to a painting when there is something underneath that you can see only little shadow off, a ghost painting underneath.

“Unrequited love” the story of the painting

The basis of this painting is the Peace Lilly pistil.

Upon closer, detailed inspection – the shape and structure provokes in me a thought of something alive and growing with the surface resembling soft skin. I wanted to
draw parallels between the structure of the pistil and the breasts of a woman, denoting the sensitive and fragile part of a body.
Red spots increase this impression because blood denotes that the object is alive. The concept could be considered to be love with
out requite or hope. It is like
the continual weeping of your soul, it is like you have been rejected but is still in love.
I like the double meaning effect of this painting and that you could not decide whether these stains and marks from the running paint are painted because they are real and a part of the painting concept or are they simply a media/technical effect and the pistil is not weeping at all.
While I was painting I changed the look of the painting significantly from the initial composition and colour. I think it was a direct influence of my feelings about the subject.

The first version was looking like an exotic fruit, cheerful and sweet. So I washed that out and focused on more gentle colours.